Bad start to the day (but things improved)

If you look at the list I've started on the 'Strategies' page you see that number one is 'don't ask questions'.  I know this works but do find it very hard.  After 42 years with someone you get used to asking for opinions or finding out how they want to spend their day.  This morning I almost blew the whole day out of the water.  We are currently down to one car which is ok as I work from home and Ash only does gardening jobs in the village.  This morning I needed to go into work for a team day so stupidly almost as soon as we woke up I asked if he wanted to take me to work so that he had the car for the day.  This meant that he felt he needed to work out whether or not he needed the car which was a major decision for him.  Luckily I managed to save us from meltdown by quickly saying 'actually why don't you take me to work then you've got the car in case you need it'?  Crisis averted.  Jake, our son, heir and all round good egg, has told me not to beat myself up if I get it wrong occasionally and I'm trying to remember that!