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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who sent messages of support after my last post.  I appreciated every one of them, especially the ones from those who've gone through the same thing and could say, in effect, 'this too shall pass'.  You gave me ways of looking how I was reacting so that I could make sense of it and it made all the difference. In return I can tell those of you who aren't quite there yet that there is life beyond our daily battles.  For me my social life is looking up, my job is just what I hoped for (if far more exhausting than I expected) and I have at least one adventure a month planned until the end of the year.  I also get to spend, possibly for the first time since he was born, uninterrupted time with the 9 year old so life is pretty good right now. That's not to say that there aren't moments when a memory comes out of nowhere and knocks the wind out of me.  It happened today and I teetered on the edge of the abyss and cried and cried.  Luckily a friend

Dementia - the aftermath

 Did you know that Ash has been in the care home for five months now?  The time has flown by and he's been happy since day one which is wonderful.   My life, post dementia, is also good.  I've already had adventures this year and we're only just past the first quarter.  Australia was of course the big one, and amazing enough to have lasted me until 2024, but there has also been a trip to the Cotswolds, a 1970s weekend, trips to the theatre, lunch out with friends and lots of other things that I thought may never come my way again. I'm working my way through the house and turning it, room by room, into a space just for me and, big news of the moment, I'm going back to work.  This last had never been in my plans for the future but it turns out that Ash being in a care home, even with government funding, costs far more than I expected so needs must and all that.  The very lucky thing about it all is that, on the day our financial situation sank in, my dream job appeare