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Tiredness, tiredness everywhere

  It's been a difficult couple of weeks including settling on a care home and everything that entails. The difficult couple of weeks culminated in three nights of very little sleep, no daytime naps and a husband who can't find his way around the house he's lived in for almost 37 years. For only the second time ever I think, I have sobbed on the shoulder of a friend and really, really not known which way to turn. Now going away for a few days to recover leaving a competent team in charge and helped by friends who've insisted I'm too tired to drive to the station. Normally I would have trotted out the usual line of 'I'm ok thanks, I'll manage' but this time I just said 'yes please' to the offer of the two hour lift which might tell you where I am in all of this. Hopefully four days of rest and relaxation will set me up for what's to come. Don't forget you can share specific posts with others by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right