Had a brilliant day yesterday.  The week hasn't gone particularly well as we're down to one vehicle at the moment and Ash isn't feeling very good about the fact that (he feels) he's reliant on me not needing the car for work.  As I work mostly from home this problem is really in his mind but self esteem is a very fragile thing, especially when you have dementia.  Hopefully a second vehicle will be on its way very soon.  Anyway yesterday we were going to look after the grandson (AKA 'the bright star in our lives').  Had to be there early so I made sure we were up at 6am.  I've found that getting up early reduces opportunities for stressful situations to develop so, although I'm definitely not a morning person, it's one of my new strategies and seems to work most of the time.  This time it didn't.  we were out of routine, there were lots of variables on the day and he was already in a bad mood (see 'no 2nd car' above).  I took a deep breath, managed by the skin of my teeth to stay calm and off we went.  What a day.  We arrived and the lego was already out, then for the next 9 hrs(!!) apart from a break for lunch and an hour long walk with the dog Archie and Ash sat on the floor building lego models.  A completely stress free day with the feelgood mood lasting through to this morning.  Never underestimate the powers of lego and a 4 year old grandson!