The importance of medication

Those of you who read yesterday's post will know that the day started really well and I had high hopes.  Unfortunately by 10am Ash was wandering around saying 'I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing, I don't know what I'm allowed to do, I'm out of routine' and it was obvious we had a problem.  I was trying to get all the paperwork together for our holiday (I have a fear of arriving at the airport without passports or boarding cards) so I suggested he cleaned out the car which took us to lunch time.  After lunch he took the dog for a walk and then sat watching the tv and napping (both unheard of during the day for him) until it was time to go and visit friends.  We'd been invited out for a late Sunday lunch - wonderful friends, gorgeous location, great food - and set out in silence.  The company did him good so that was ok and we had a good time.  Got home at 8.30 when we discovered he hadn't taken his morning tablet.  This is Sertraline which suppresses anxiety and I really hadn't realised how important it is to his well being.  There followed half an hour of traumatic discussion (on his part) on how he could have forgotten to take it and how it was because he was out of routine.  I read the instructions and it said that if you miss taking a tablet not to try and 'catch up' but to wait until it's time for the next one.  I really didn't think it was a good idea to wait another 6 hours for the next one so persuaded him to take it and waited for him to calm down.  In the midst of all this my mother rang.  She's 89, lives on her own and likes to talk to me every day.  Mum: 'I need a new television'. Me: 'Why'.  Mum: 'I can't change the channels on this one'.  Me: 'you don't need a new television you just need to change the batteries on your remote'!

If I manage to stay sane through this it will be a miracle!  Luckily things calmed down all around, we went to bed and both slept all night which is so unusual it deserves to be noted.  Also noted is the importance of taking all medication every single day.