A prime example

Yesterday I said that on the surface it can seem that everything is back to normal and then a random comment will come out of nowhere and show me it isn't.  Tonight was a prime example.  We've had a brilliant day: morning coffee down on the seafront, sunbathing on the terrace, reading, listening to the radio and, to top it all off, we hear that friends have found a new truck for Ash which makes him so happy he can't stop smiling.  We go out for a meal and I actually begin to think that maybe there's been a mistake and it really was anxiety all the time.  Then we get back to the apartment and he can't find the tea bags so is adamant we've run out.  This is followed by complete stress because he thinks he's lost all of the photos he took this evening (he didn't take any).  He's now relaxed again and all is well with the world but I know it's not just anxiety.

On the bright side we do have a new truck.