An illusion of normality

Last Thursday evening saw the boiler refusing to switch off, Ash's door keys refusing to show themselves and his mobile phone refusing to switch on.  Pandemonium beckoned.  Would this be the total undoing of the the amazing benefits of days of sunshine and nothing to do?  Thankfully not.  Everything was dealt with and life settled back into what seemed to be a normality we haven't seen for at least 2 years.  I even started to relax and thought that maybe, just maybe, there had been a misdiagnosis.  Then I got a message from our accountant.  We're in the process of closing Ash's business (part of the process of removing layers of stress from our lives) and he'd taken the final books to the accountants in our local town.  The message left on my phone said that Derek the accountant was a little concerned as Ash had dropped the paperwork off and left the building only to return twice as he couldn't remember where he'd left his car.  I'd been at the dementia talk so hadn't got the message until later when Ash was home so I knew that he had found the car but obviously that diagnosis had been completely correct.  The upside of all this?  Before we went away Ash was so angry with the idea that he had dementia that he would get cross at the slightest thing.  Yesterday when I mentioned the message from Derek he laughed and said that he'd just walked around until he found the car.  Think we can survive all of this if he has his sense of humour intact.


Lesley said…
So brilliant that the anger has passed. You're right - being able to laugh is such a blessing. Wish I was more able to do that!