down to earth with a bump!

It's not until you have had two whole weeks of nothing to think about and nothing to do that you realise how stressful real life can be to someone with dementia.  Back home yesterday to find boiler not working properly then just as we were going to bed Ash couldn't find his keys which sent him into orbit.  This morning his phone is fully charged but won't work and he can't work out what day it is.  Guess what, the stress levels are back to normal and there are no jokes, smiles, chit chat or decision making. 

For me, after two weeks of strolling to the sea front for coffee followed by lunch followed by a stroll to the pool for a spot of sunbathing and/or swimming I have been tilted straight back into reality.  Doctors first thing for Ash's hypertension test (which he passed with flying colours) and then to the supermarket to restock the cupboards.  Back home to hang the washing out then over to my mum's to get her leg dressed at her surgery, then to the supermarket with her in order to restock her cupboards then back home to cook tea.  Ash used to do all of the cooking but no longer has the confidence to do anything other than help occasionally so I'm learning all over again.  I do realise that there are people out there with lives far more complicated than mine but am thinking longingly of those two weeks we've just had in the sun!

Anyway, this being the 21st century there are answers to most of the problems we've just hit if I look hard enough.  I have ordered a new clock showing the day, date and time to put in the bedroom so he can see it as soon as he wakes up.  Have also ordered a device to help find lost keys, switched the boiler off at the wall and on again this morning which seems to have done the trick and am in the process of ordering a new phone.  This last isn't quite as easy as it sounds as he is very attached to his Nokia 3310 which is very old.  However there is now a new version of this very phone as I'm sure most people except the two of us know about so have my fingers crossed that he'll be ok with it.  It's also a beautiful day!