Making life easier

A couple of months ago I bought a clock which showed the day, date and time.  This was because Ash panicked every morning because he didn't know what day it was and I thought that would solve the problem.  It arrived in the post and he was really pleased with it until I made the mistake of mentioning that I had also ordered one for my mum (aged 89)!  At that point the clock was placed on top of a cupboard in the kitchen and ignored.  When we got home from holiday I said I was ordering another one for the bedroom as in the middle of the night I couldn't see the time on our clock radio (true).   The new one duly arrived yesterday and was set up in the bedroom.  This morning we woke up and the first comment was 'that's brilliant, I know what day it is'!  Not sure whether this is just the new, relaxed husband or whether he'd forgotten that he was refusing to use the original one but whatever the reason we are both more relaxed.  The message here is 'don't give up'.  I used to relate to Quentin Crisp's comment of 'If at first you don't succeed maybe failure's your thing' (also - 'after 4 years the dust doesn't get any thicker' but that's a whole different story) however I now think that if something doesn't work the first time leave it a while and then try again.  Seems to be working.