Rethinking life

I used to think that I was one of the luckiest people I knew.  We had good friends, a great social life, wonderful family life, and lots of fun.  Most days Ash made me laugh from the minute we woke up to the minute we went to bed (not every day - that would be weird).  Then a few years ago everything started to unravel.  we were let down in a big way by people we thought of as friends and as a result our finances went into free fall and I was working 16 hour days just to keep things on track.  We both changed but looking back I think I changed far more than Ash.  I thought I had just put my head down and got on with things but the stress went far deeper in both of us than I realised.  Numerous times since then we have each shouted at one time or another 'why can't you be like you used to be?'  Now we've been plunged into this latest chapter in our lives I know that Ash can't change so it's down to me.  The holiday gave me time to step back and reassess what's important.  I've slowed down and worked out what's important and it's made all the difference.  We're both calmer and we're laughing again.  What more could we want for now?