Sense of humour AWOL (for a while)

This morning I nearly blew it.  Really thought I'd got the hang of everything and we've been having such a good time.  Yesterday we spent the day with Jake, Sharon and Archie (4 year old who lights up our lives) and there wasn't a moment of stress, not before we left home, on the journey or at any time during the day.  Ash helped Jake put a tent up in their garden, Archie spent the day hammering tent pegs into the ground, we had pizzas cooked by Jake in the pizza oven and the dog behaved himself while  Sharon and I chatted.  I should have known it couldn't continue but but every time we get to this point I'm lulled into a false sense of security.

This morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine and Ash asked his usual question of 'what are we doing today'?  I instantly forgot everything I've learnt over the past few months and launched into a list of jobs that need doing before 'Open Gardens' in the village on 17th June.  Result? instant panic on Ash's part and complete frustration (with myself) on mine.  What doesn't help is that Ash's panic moves from the original cause to something entirely different so that it's very difficult to get things back on the straight and narrow.

The original cause was me suggesting that the church yard needing mowing as well as our lawn which caused anxiety because he's been putting it off and now it's become a big job.  However while I was trying to rectify what I'd done to cause that, in his head the cause of the anxiety was because he needed to check the lottery results (he runs a syndicate) and let everyone know that, once again, they hadn't won £1,000,000 and now he was out of routine.  I suggested we get up straight away as I was excited about the jobs I had to do in the garden(!!?) and so needed to get going.  Within half an hour we were back on track and our world was calm again.  Fingers crossed for the rest of the day.