Someone's happy ........

.....and that's the dog.  Some evenings Ash can't remember whether he's fed Max or not.  Think the pooch has worked that out and so almost every evening he sits gazing at Ash to see if he can get a second helping.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but tonight I think it did.  Have suggested double walks tomorrow just in cast it was a double helping!

Keeping with the animal theme I'm also a happy bunny.  Sometimes when I've been at work all day I get home to find that Ash has spent his time trying to work out what he said he'd do and, in the process, not doing anything at all.  Today I got home to find that he's cut the hedge, finished painting the patio chairs that I'd begun yesterday and cleared all the weeds from the patio.  AT this rate we might be ready for Open Gardens after all.