stress free day - almost

Today was wonderful.  Relaxed and stress free just like holidays used to be.  so much so that I spent quite a lot of time working out how to carry that feeling back into real life and really believing I could do it.  Then I phoned my mum.  She gashed her leg in three places just before Easter and those gashes are refusing to heal so I've been taking her to the surgery twice a week which is a 2 hour round trip for me.  That's been ok and while we've been here a friend has been taking her so that's been ok too.  I had arranged all of her appointments up to and including this Friday and had organised our first day home around that Friday appointment.  Tonight she tells me that she's going next Monday instead when I can't take her.  She's not sure either whether Friday's appointment has been cancelled or not!  Having spent the day chilling with Ash and believing that life at home will be manageable for a while at least one conversation with my mum managed to raise my stress levels once again.  However I'm determined not to lose what we've gained during our time here so will spend tomorrow morning finding out whether she does still have that appointment on Friday so that I have my head round it all before we get home.  have decided that the way to deal with real life is to treat it like the holiday and plan, plan and plan again so that I feel in control.