A very, very busy day

Well today was full on.  Funeral this morning and then, while I was helping with teas, news that my mum had fallen.  Left everyone else doing the work and raced home to news that staff at her local cafe were waiting for the  paramedics to arrive.  Ended the day in A & E watching bruises come up everywhere however my mum bounces well and there were no bones broken so she was allowed to come home.  I'm having to stay the next couple of nights and this could have been a disaster but Ash was having a good day and still seems quite calm about the whole thing so we're going with the flow.  To recap Mum chose a good place to fall (outside the cafe surrounded by her friends), a good day to fall (Ash is very switched on at the moment) and a good country in which to fall (the staff at the local hospital were amazing and it's free).  All in all things could have been much worse.