Choose your friends wisely

Today has not been good up to now (12.30pm).  I overslept having been awake in the night, Ash was then stressed because he woke before me which put him out of routine, then he didn't know what day it was and, when we'd got over all that, he left his beloved sunglasses at the petrol station on the way to Mum's.  I've phoned them and they looked but couldn't find them.  Result?  One very bad mood which I'm too tired to try and get him out of.  Once upon a time I would have felt really bad about it all but have realised I'm not perfect and sometimes life is just rubbish.

I now need something to focus on which will cheer me up and so I've been thinking about friends.  The vast majority of us have friends of one kind or another.  New ones, old ones, party friends, calming friends.  Lots and lots of different sorts.  I have friends I have known since primary school, friends who've been around since secondary school, those I met when we first got married and moved away from home (36 years ago), those who came into our lives when we moved into our village, those who have been part of our history since Jake was little and on and on.  Some friends have been and gone, great while they were around but one day just not there, some I drifted apart from and some are very new.  Those who are in our lives today are definitely those in whose company I feel the most relaxed.  They are fun to be with, don't stress if we don't see each other for weeks/months on end, good to talk to and always there if we need them.  I have one friend I met at primary school and our friendship has survived her moving to the other side of the world when we were both 12 years old.  I don't see her very often at all but we talk on the phone, email, message and meet up every few years.  While I've been pondering all of this I have realised that there have been some people in my life who I have considered friends.  However, and here's the thing, I haven't always felt entirely comfortable in their company.  Even when I've told myself that they are great fun or 'a personality' something hasn't sat right and every time that kind of friendship has come to an end and I have felt not loss but relief.  Relief that I can be myself again.  Luckily there are far more of the other sort, the ones who are there for me and I for them but I wanted to share this with you.  Remember, life is short so spend it with friends who make you laugh and feel loved.