Confusion reigns

It's quite amazing how little it takes to send Ash's life off the rails.  This morning everything was fine.  My car had to go into the garage to be looked at and this afternoon I needed to go on a visit for work so Ash was going to take me and wait in his truck until I'd finished.  I then worked out that it would be better for the car to go in tomorrow so sorted that out and told him I could get myself there thinking that would make his life easier.  He immediately went into a tailspin and lost track of absolutely everything that he'd planned to do.  By the time I went out in the middle of the afternoon things seemed to have settled down however so I wasn't concerned BUT got back to find him in a confused state worrying about not being able to use his (new) phone to ring me and pacing up and down panicking about everything and nothing.  I realise now that it would have been much easier to have left the car where it was and be chauffeured.  One of these days I might learn!  Now off to cook tea and see what I can do to sort it all out.