Difficult circumstances are not exclusive

In the past ten days three friends have told me about rubbish things that are going on in their lives and it started me thinking.  Sometimes, when we're in the depths of despair, it's all too easy to think that bad things are only happening to us and that no-one else can possibly know how awful we're feeling.  Actually bad things happen to everyone so people might not be experiencing your awful but they will know the feeling.  One of the forums I've visited seems to be full of people complaining that no-one understands and that people make promises they don't keep but all I have found is sympathy, support and willingness to help if I say what's needed.  Luckily my three friends are all strong people (or so I think but what do we really know about anyone) and understand all of this.   They have all been there for me recently so now it's my turn but I need to remember to ask what's needed as that's the best way, I think, to be effective.

Two years ago Ash and I took his ageing truck, the dog and all our equipment intending to drive to the Alps for the camping trip of a lifetime.  In retrospect taking an 18 year old vehicle, which was already struggling with life at home, on a 2000 mile round trip was probably not the best idea I've ever had!  Suffice to say the truck blew up on the motorway 3 days into the trip and from then on everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong.  However we made it to the campsite and had an amazing holiday.  At the end of each day we listed every disaster that had occurred but also all the ways things could have been worse and were grateful for what we had and what we'd achieved.  Remember it's not what happens in your life, it's the way you deal with the events that overtake you.  Your attitude influences how your life moves forward.