great end to yesterday

After the trials and tribulations of yesterday morning (and a good chunk of the afternoon) we went to friends last night for supper.  Haven't seen them for ages and, as at one point I was all ready to cancel on them thinking Ash wouldn't cope, I wasn't sure how it would turn out.  Well I need to tell you that we had such a good time.  Ash was relaxed and chatty, took part in the conversation and laughed along with everyone else.  Once again what had promised to be a rubbish day ended on a high.  He even remembered where we'd been when we got home which is always a bonus.

Today we've been out in the garden which meant he could fill his 'new' truck (also his pride and joy, 2nd only to Archie the 4yr old grandson) with green waste to take to the tip.  This in turn meant he could feel smugly superior to those people in the queue in front of him who don't go very often and don't know how it works which boosted his self esteem no end.

All in all think we're on the up again.