I'm learning, not as fast as I'd like, but learning nonetheless

We both went to my mum's yesterday, Ash to mow her field and me to take her to the opticians and to stock her cupboards.  The plan was to go in separate vehicles so Ash could come home as soon as he'd finished mowing but, before we set off, I had to collect my car from the workshop in the village where it was having new tyres fitted.  I walked up to the workshop but before I left we discussed Ash following me to see if my car was ready.  If it wasn't then I was going to join him in the truck and use it to take mum out (getting her up and into it would have been a sight to be seen I promise).  He must have left the drive approximately 5 minutes after me but didn't appear at the workshop at all and I decided that he obviously hadn't retained any information from our conversation but had driven straight out of the village.  Luckily my car was ready so I set off in his wake.  Now at one time I would have rung to find out why he hadn't waited to see if the car was ready, he would have realised that there was a gap in his day he couldn't account for and disaster would have been waiting for us.  Luckily I have not only been on a course with The Contented Dementia Trust www.contenteddementiatrust.org but I am re-reading the book 'Contented Dementia' by Oliver James and I have strategies to hand.  I pulled over to the side of the road and rang him asking where he was and saying that I'd forgotten what we'd discussed and was now confused over what was happening.  He laughed, said he was ahead of me and would see me at mum's when I managed to get there.  In the past the day would have been damaged beyond repair but luckily I am learning.