lovely surprise

Open Gardens in the village tomorrow and, after two nights away at mum's, I expected to come home to weeds, long grass and lots of deadheading so that we looked reasonable for people to come and look round.  What did I find instead?  The roses were neat, the lawn was trim, the windows on the summer house had been cleaned (which means you can actually see the view) and there wasn't a weed in sight.  All of this without being asked and it's times like this that I question the diagnosis.  However I do know better so it's only for a moment that I indulge in that particular fantasy.

One other thing I've learnt over the past couple of days is that when Ash calls me to stress about how he doesn't know how to use his new phone (which is something that happens only when he's in a confused state) I just need to tell him that he doesn't really need one so I'll use it instead of the very old one I currently have.  He agrees, relaxes about it all and forgets that he has that particular problem.  As I've said many times already, in our case removing specific layers of stress is a good way forward.  For now anyway.