Not disagreeing is very hard

Twice this morning I had to stop myself as I was about to disagree with something Ash said.  The first time was to do with the pressure in my tyres which he sorted out yesterday.  He wanted to check them again and I couldn't see the point.  Realised however that there was nothing to be gained from pointing out that he'd already solved the problem and all to be gained by letting him get on with it so agreed that it would be a good thing to do and he was happy.  Second time was when I said that I could hear buzzing coming from the loft and thought there might be a wasps nest up there.  I had mentioned this before but presented it as a new problem (which I was very proud of myself for remembering to do).  I was amazed when he pointed out I'd already told him but made out I'd forgotten and then he said he been up there and there was nothing so I must be imagining it.  I knew I wasn't but decided if he'd checked and not seen anything then it probably wasn't a problem.  Also weighed up the pros and cons between keeping him calm and the roof falling in due to being eaten by wasps and keeping him calm won! 

One other joyous moment came when he announced, before getting up, that he was going to order a skip so we could clear out all the rubbish lurking in dark corners of the garden and loft.  He worked out what size we needed and then phoned the skip company and ordered it.  When you consider that at the beginning of the year he was unable to make a single decision or to hold a conversation with anyone (including me) you can see how far we've come.  I've said this before and will say it again, thank goodness for The Contented Dementia Trust and Penny Garner's strategies.  I dread to think where we would be at this moment without them.