One small victory

A small victory over dementia this morning and it might not seem much but each one makes me feel less as though I'm hanging on to my sanity by my fingertips and more as though I'm in control.  I woke up at 7am to find that Ash had already gone downstairs.  This didn't bode well as he wouldn't have figured out what day it was and would be stressing about what he had/hadn't got to do.  Sure enough when I joined him he'd spent 10 minutes trying to get the internet to work (what you actually have to do is bring the computer to life and leave it a while to think about what it wants to do - much like the rest of us) and he was in a really bad mood.  In a previous life I would have started the whole 'what's wrong with you? nothing.  yes there is.  no there isn't' scenario which would have made things 10 times worse and probably escalated into an argument.  This morning I asked if I could have a cup of tea and went back to bed.  When I got up half an hour later all was calm and the mood greatly improved.  I'd call that a victory.