Open Garden a success

As reported in the run up to this weekend, it was Open Gardens in the village today and once again this had the potential to be a disaster.  The garden needed to look good, the summer house still needed clearing out,  the veranda needed sweeping, the dog needed walking and then on top of all that people would be visiting and conversation would be required.  This was going to be very stressful .......  or was it?  I can tell you now that it all went perfectly.  All of the work was done before people started to arrive and  Ash managed to talk to everyone who came into our garden.  He wasn't fazed by the questions they asked and could tell them about the history of the house.  On top of all that a lady came in with a photo of the house in 1870.  Apparently her great grandmother had lived here.  We were all very excited and she let us take a copy of the photo which was one we hadn't ever seen before.  Then to finish off the day we went up to our newly refurbished village pub with friends we haven't seen for ages and Ash was still on top of the world.