playing the game

I realised today that what is getting me through all of this at the moment is treating dementia as something to be outwitted which makes it into a strategic game.  Dementia wants to make Ash feel inadequate so he needs things which bolster his self esteem (queue the new truck which is actually proving very useful even though I thought it wasn't really needed); dementia wants him to get confused so life needs to be simpler in order to give him time and space to get his thoughts in order (the best thing for this was the clock I bought which tells the date, day and time so he no longer needs to ask); dementia wants him to lose all of his skills so he needs jobs he can still do to find ways he can use those skills he still has (this is really useful - in the winter the house was decorated and now, in the summer, the garden is looking it's best for many years).  As I keep saying, life isn't all bad.