Social skills still intact

Yesterday we went to the funeral of a friend.  It was lovely.   Not in the least bit religious but very, very personal and so many friends were there.  At the get together afterwards we chatted to people and, to all intents and purposes, Ash was behaving 'normally'.  However, this friend had suffered from Vascular Dementia and he isn't stupid.  He knows he has a form of this disease even if he isn't inclined to discuss it and I'm sure the implications weren't lost on him.  We managed to stay a while but then he started to get snappy every time I made a comment.  I recognised the signs and suggested we leave.  The snappiness continued when we got home (a short walk through the village) and he then became convinced that we were running out of food and needed to go shopping immediately.  I agreed but persuaded him to wait 24 hours and suggested he took the dog for a walk while I got tea ready.  This strategy was a great success and, with peace restored, we had a lovely evening.  Once again, watching for signs of stress then heading off the gathering storm by agreeing with him averted a crisis.