Still making life simpler

Now on fibre optic broadband which will be interesting.  The lady on the phone offered it for free, just an upgrade to our existing service but no extra cost involved so a bit of a no-brainer.   She promised speeds of up to 50mb and seemed surprised by my scepticism but obviously doesn't live in rural Lincolnshire.  Anyway the new hub arrived and Ash (to everyone's great satisfaction) got it all sorted so we are up and running.  Speeds are no different than before but, as my expectations were beyond low in the first place, that's ok.  Am sure my friend at the phone company will be disappointed when I tell her but it will be the beginning of a new learning curve for her.  The problem came this morning when I made the mistake of saying that we now needed to connect the two wireless extensions to the new hub.  As we live in a cottage edging towards 200 years old without the extensions we don't get wireless connection anywhere other than the office and kitchen.  Unfortunately Ash had no knowledge of these contraptions which have been in the house for around 4 years so spent the next 15 minutes looking at his laptop telling me that we had the internet.  Confusion reigned completely until I realised that this was yet another first world problem and it really doesn't matter if we can't get on the internet in every room of the house.  I then took my laptop into the sitting room and said 'it's ok, I've got the internet in here (I hadn't) so nothing to worry about' and calm descended once again.