Unsettled is the word of the day.

Had a slightly difficult start to the day which carried on through a shopping trip and into weeding/planting in the garden.  After the past few weeks of being on a high and thinking I'd cracked it (I really should have known better) it felt as though we were back to square one.  However I had a look on one of the forums I've joined and someone on there was also having problems but was determined to look at all the good in her life.  I can't begin to tell you how much this lightened my mood and just proved that I need to focus on the positive as much as possible.  There really is too much negativity around us and I need to remember that when Ash is unsettled he can't help it but I can.  I went back out into the garden with a smile on my face and the world righted itself.

On  lighter note I took my mum to the surgery on Thursday to have her stitches removed and was part of the following conversation:

Nurse:  So how old are you Mrs Palmer?
Mum (looking at me):  How old am I?
Me:  89
Mum:  No I'm not.

Apparently she thought she was only 87!!!