work life balance not working quite so well

Woke up at 6.30am and realised that I had an important work deadline looming ie 10am.  All of those plans around keeping things calm in a morning so that Ash doesn't get anxious went completely out of the window as I leapt out of bed, raced downstairs and logged on to the work system only to discover that today was Tuesday, not Monday as I'd thought, and I had missed the deadline by almost 24 hours.  Am obviously overdoing the calm and relaxed mode!  With heart still thumping I made a cup of tea, took it back to bed and then sat and worked out a way round it all.  Must have done a decent job of it as Ash didn't even notice there was anything amiss. 

On this theme a few weeks ago I wrote about him asking me several times a day if I had slept well the night before and that eventually I said yes and, because he didn't have to worry about me anymore, he stopped asking.  I am currently rereading 'Contented Dementia' by Oliver James (Can highly recommend it and think it should be required reading for anyone living with/caring for someone who has dementia) and there is a whole section about how to deal with repetitive questions which are often caused by anxiety.  Reading it I realised that since I have started aiming for the relaxed approach to life Ash has stopped asking questions altogether.  Not sure how long it will last but am enjoying the moment.  Now I just need to get better organised in order to avoid stressing myself out!