A small change leads to great confusion

It really is amazing what a tiny change to routine can make to our lives.  Usually Ash takes Max the spaniel on a short walk in the morning and a long walk in the afternoon.  Today we were both invited to a 50th birthday party and were leaving Max at home.  My mistake was to ask Ash to take the dog on his long walk this morning.  He went off quite happily but had a panic attack half way round as he couldn't remember what time we were leaving and, consequently, what time he needed to be back from the walk.  By the time he got home he was making no sense at all until I had the bright idea of telling him that he needn't come to the party.  As soon as I said that the pressure was off and he was back to his old self again.  He didn't come with me and for a while I was a little sad about that then I realised that, even before he was ill, he was never a social butterfly.  He wouldn't have known many people and certainly no-one well enough to have a conversation with so he was better off at home.  I went off to the party, chatted to all the people I knew without having to worry about him and we both had a lovely afternoon.  It's so easy to remember life before dementia as being perfect with both of you on the same wavelength at all times but real life isn't like that.  We always had our own lives as well as enjoying spending time together and as long as I recognise that instead of looking at life gone by through rose-tinted spectacles we'll be ok.