an anniversary

42 years today since Ash followed my school bus home and asked me out.  It was the last day of term when I'd just finished 4th year (year 10 if that makes more sense to you) and it/he wasn't quite what my mum had planned for me.  She dreamed of me marrying a local farmer's son (no-one in particular, just someone with plenty of money who would keep me in the style to which she would like me to become accustomed) and she had assumed it would happen when I was thirty.  Instead, at not quite sixteen, I came home with a police cadet from a local council estate who rode a motorbike.  Forty two years later she can see I made the right choice but at the time I think it was a little traumatic for her.  None of her objections made the slightest difference to me.  Ash made me laugh, looked after me and made sure I was happy.  What not to love?  Even now, on a good day, he can still make me laugh, can remember to ask me if I've had a good day (although he doesn't remember my answer) and shows glimpses of the person he used to be.  So even in the midst of our life changes, we're celebrating.  Not out to eat tonight but chicken for supper instead of spag bol so some sort of celebration which is good.  On top of that he's remembered the date which is amazing.