Matching mugs and matching pegs

I've spent the last two days managing a holiday club for children with complex needs and have found, as in previous years, that there's nothing like being in the company of 25 children, none of whom can do a single thing for themselves, to make you appreciate what you have.  These children and young people are amazing and I have come home at the end of each day full of admiration for them and their parents.  Not only that but being there absorbs me so completely that there is no time for wondering if Ash is coping (he is), whether he's managed to hang matching mugs on the mug rack (he hasn't), whether he's remembered to hang the washing out (he has), whether he used matching pegs (I know, I know, it's just one of my quirks that he's always refused to indulge so he hasn't) and I'm ready to go all over again tomorrow.  When I knew this was coming up I was a little concerned as I would be working 3 days a week for 4 weeks and 50 miles from home so not nearby in an emergency.  However not only has he coped but he's even managed to keep himself busy and has moved the bird feeder so I can see it from the summer house, found the base to the parasol and added it to the patio, hoovered & mopped,watered plants and generally occupied himself.  Another 3 weeks to go so everything should look as neat as a new pin (whatever that means) by the time I've finished.