Dementia can be very wearing

Definition from Google - If you say that a situation or activity is wearing, you mean that it requires a lot of energy and makes you feel mentally or physically tired.  Well this morning ladies and gentlemen that was me.  A discussion about a lack of grass mowing opportunities due to the weather led to the fact that Ash apparently has nothing to do nowadays and we went downhill from then on with the circle of discussion getting smaller and smaller until I couldn't stand it any longer.  I suggested we got up and looked at all of the other jobs that needed doing in the garden.  It seems that those are my jobs now (who knew?) and not worth him bothering with so I showed him a small tree that needs taking down, digging up, sawing into pieces and then taking to the tip.  Problem solved.  I obviously can't do all that so I left him happily locating the saw while I went out for lunch with a friend and, when I came back a few hours later, the tree was gone, that particular corner of the garden looked so much better and Ash had a sense of achievement.  The problem with dementia is that not only do you never know what you're waking up to but neither do you know where any particular start to the day is going to lead.  I'm learning but it seems a very slow process.