Going back in time

Now at the end of the first of 4 weeks working long days, 50 miles from home.  This week it's been 4 days and from now on 3 days a week.  I said yesterday that I was worried how Ash would cope with me being out so much and had almost organised people to call in on him each day but didn't get sorted in time so thought I'd see how it went and it actually went really, really well.  This puzzled me the first few days but then I realised that this is the life he knows.  Those of you who have been following this will know that this week and the next 3 weeks I'm running a holiday playscheme for children with complex needs.  I leave home at 7.30am and get back at 5pm and when I'm home all I talk about is what happened during the day.  The thing is that from 1993 to 2016, almost without a break, I ran child care settings usually leaving home at 7.30 am and getting back at 6pm.  You might see some similarities there and you'd be right so this is actually the life Ash knows.  He asks all the old questions when I get in from playscheme 'how did it go'? 'how many children did you have'?  'what dramas were there today'?  and my answers are almost identical to those I've given him over the years.  Children you see, whether they have complex needs or not, are all very similar as are parents and staff so this is familiar territory and he can cope with all of that.  It really is amazing to see and has taken us back in time.  It's also given me something to think about when planning for the future.