Grocery shopping made easier

Not sure grocery shopping can ever be easy.  Too many variants - weather, number of holiday makers, traffic, stock missing from the shelf etc. etc.  however it's certainly easier than it was.  Before dementia, in fact before the discovery of Contented Dementia Trust, a trip to the supermarket would involve Ash drawing up an incomplete list, trying to get everything at one supermarket and then having to decide which other one to visit to get all the things not available at the first, a row because I knew where everything was and didn't see any reason to visit aisles we didn't need and me getting frustrated when going through the self checkout too quickly for the bar codes to register.  The Contented Dementia course didn't tell me how to go shopping, obviously, but it did show me that I needed to change the way I viewed our whole situation which in turn meant I changed the way we did things.  Now grocery shopping takes place on a Thursday evening, Friday or Saturday (any later and Ash panics that we're going to run out of food), Ash writes the list until he loses interest at which point I take over,  I decide the meals for the week, we use the same two supermarkets, mark the items on the list according to the shop we buy them from and set off.  When we've finished Ash puts things through the self checkout and, because he's slower than me, it all works.  This has calmed things down to the point where he knows the aisles we need so those are the only ones we visit and we're in and out much quicker than we ever were before giving us time for coffee and croissant afterwards as a reward.  This, more than almost anything, has shown me how a plan can cut out stress and the absence of stress makes life so much more pleasant for both of us.  If you are struggling through a life affected by dementia I would highly recommend this as a way forward.