Home as a place of calm

Slightly difficult day at work today including a shouting parent, a stroppy teenage volunteer and an agitated teenager whose carers were late collecting him.  It was really lovely then to come home to a (relatively) clean house.  Without instruction Ash had realised that the floors needed hoovering and mopping and just got on with it.  This was great as I really haven't had time to do it myself and quite often he just doesn't notice.  This isn't a dementia thing you understand just that we could be knee deep in dog hairs and he still wouldn't see a need to do anything about it.  I have also recently been testing Quentin Crisp's theory that after four years the dust doesn't get any thicker so I had a quick look to see if Ash had interfered with my experiment.  He hadn't but for some reason I don't feel relieved and may have to tackle it myself at the weekend.