New facebook group

Those who have followed this from the beginning or even those of you who have read the 'about me' page may remember that the reason I started the blog was because I couldn't find anywhere else that focused on the positive side of life with dementia.  There are forums out there where people can tell of their experiences, ask questions and find people to support them which is great but I found too many of them told very scary stories and/or weren't interested in those positives.  At the time I felt I was living my own very scary story and didn't really want to hear about those of others.  Instead I wanted to know that things might work out ok and that a diagnosis of dementia wasn't the end of the world so I searched and searched until, in the end, I realised that if that's what I wanted that's what I was going to have to produce.  I now know of at least one other person who has found this approach incredibly helpful and she and I email everyday which is helping both of us but I am also sure there are others out there.  Unfortunately this blog doesn't seem to be allowing people to comment so I've decided to set up a facebook group where we will be able to support each other in a good and positive way.  This group really is only for the positive.  You will be able to let everyone know if you've had a good weekend, if someone has said something nice, if you've come up with a new strategy that has worked some magic or if you have a top tip that you use regularly.  What you won't be able to do is rant at the world, moan when things go wrong, complain that people don't listen, bitch that some people don't really want to know how you are when they ask, gripe that there isn't enough support from the state etc.  People know those things already and being told all over again doesn't help.  Top tips, strategies that work, and hearing about someone's lovely holiday or outing, in my experience, helps beyond all else.  On the rare occasion I have read something like that it has lifted me and given me hope.  I really cannot be the only one.

This is a closed group so will not be open to the world but only those with a like minded view of dementia.  Please join me (and feel free to share).  The link to the group is if you have problems joining then email me at .