New relaxed attitude seems to be working

Yesterday I wrote about how I felt my high stress levels were affecting Ash's feeling of well-being and I was right.  Two days ago we were back to shouting at each other and he was angry at life which he hasn't been for ages.  I decided that I needed to put work in a box totally separate from what happens in our personal life and it's worked.  Last night I spent time out in the garden which meant I was relaxed when I came into the house and this morning we both woke up feeling better.  I've been at the office all day and came home to find Ash finishing off what I'd started in one of the flower beds and all without being asked.  It looks great and he's very pleased with himself so a win-win all round.  Tonight we're going up to the pub for a meal just the two of us, something we haven't done for ages, and life is lovely again.  I don't think I can say often enough that your attitude to your situation will make all the difference.  You can rail against fate and be in despair over what you're facing or you can find ways around your problems and enjoy life as it is now.  It's your choice.