Strategies need to be a moveable feast

A few weeks ago Ash kept putting floor cleaner on the shopping list because he couldn't see any bottles in the cupboard under the sink where he'd decided we'd always kept them.  I moved the bottles we already had from the cupboard in the utility room where they'd lived for several years and put them in the cupboard under the sink feeling very pleased with myself for solving a problem.  He's now stopped looking there as, apparently, we keep floor cleaner next to the sink in the utility room so when he can't see any bottles there he decides we don't have any and puts it on the shopping list.  Have now moved the two full bottles from the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen to the space next to the sink in the utility room.  Who knows where they'll have to go next.  On top of that while at my mum's last week I opened the utensil drawer in her kitchen to find a single, sprouting potato nestled amongst the knives, masher, serving spoons etc!  My life gets more surreal by the minute.