The summer holidays are here

....... and I do mean here!  We live 10 miles inland from the east coast and the traffic is getting busier by the day.  Yesterday Ash decided to go to the tip which is almost his favourite activity.  I've said that I'm getting more interested in gardening but in reality my 'expertise' extends to snipping with secateurs which means that I am continually filling the green bin.  Last week it was emptied on Wednesday and by Thursday night it was full again so something had to be done.  What I didn't expect however was that Ash would notice it was full and realise the trip to the tip was necessary.  Without saying anything he filled the back of his truck and then announced where he was going.  What he had forgotten was that it was the first weekend of the summer holidays in the middle of a heatwave.  Lots of traffic, lots of people and few brain cells in evidence.  None of this threw him however so the trip was a success and he had something to moan about afterwards which he did for about half an hour after he had made his escape and come home.  Not sure he'll be quite so quick off the mark next time.