Unnerving kind of day

Today I learnt that I'm not everyone's cup of tea (although I think I knew that already).   Someone took exception to the positive tone of the blog and decided it wasn't helping her one little bit.  I think she felt my life was a little too perfect and she judged me on what she read which isn't the best way forward by any means.  The problem is that people only see what they want to see.  My life isn't perfect by any means and it would be so easy to sit and feel sorry for myself.  Ash isn't the man he was, he isn't a part of me the way he used to be and our life isn't headed in the direction I always thought it would but what I don't understand is why it's better to dwell on all of that.  I have been told that forums are wonderful as they give you a chance to rant but what good does that do?  I can rant to my heart's content but nothing will change other than we will both be miserable.  I don't feel better if I rant, I feel better if I look on dementia as a series of obstacles to be overcome, I feel better if I think about the good parts of our lives and I feel better if I focus on the here and now not on where life is going to take us in the future. 

Am now going to have a look at Young Dementia Uk website  www.youngdementiauk.org and the lovely Contented Dementia Trust website http://www.contenteddementiatrust.org/ both of which have the positive vibes I need.  You can join me if you want to.