A life gone by plus a life still worth living

Talking to old friends a couple of days ago about things they'd done, adventures they had and what was planned for the future.  When they'd gone I was sad as I thought of all the things we're now not going to do but then I thought of all the things we'd done in the past and I was cheered.  Over the years, as a family we've camped, skied, cycled and hiked.  Two thirds of the family (Ash and Jake together) have used surf boards, body boards, skim boards and windsurfers as well as learning to water ski.  As a family we've travelled to Australia, Canada, Comino, Antigua, Santorini and various parts of France.  We've also been to Scotland (East and West coast) and Wales.  As a couple we've travelled to Corsica, Canada, Australia, California, Florida, Sardinia and Venice as well as France and the Republic of Ireland.  On top of this we've visited numerous places in the UK.  We've stayed in holiday cottages, apartments, youth hostels, tents, glamping pods and shepherds huts.  We've had the opportunity, through friends, to explore London as locals and, when I thought about it, packed an awful lot into the last 31 years (since Jake arrived mostly so blame him).  It has been a very good life and isn't finished yet.  I don't plan ahead as I used to but at the moment we can still do some of the things we've always done and when it gets to the point where we have to give up and stay at home I don't think I can really look back and think I've missed out.  So here is the point I'm trying to make.  I've said this before but just in case you weren't listening or you missed it or you don't think it will happen to you I'll say it again.  Do what you can when you can.  That way if your life changes for whatever reason and you find yourself unable to have adventures or do something different you will have memories to look back on.  You may not want to travel.  You may have read my lists with horror.  What we've done may be your idea of hell but just make sure you do the things you want to do now.  Don't wait until it's too late and then think 'I wish we'd .............'. Instead make sure that you can think 'well at least we ..............'.