Benefits of a blog

I started this blog to help me focus on the positive and it's helped me more than I could possibly have imagined and in more ways than I would have thought possible.  I'm not good at talking about personal stuff and anyway at the beginning of all of this I couldn't talk about it without crying so that was no use to anyone.  The blog has meant friends can follow my life (not in a creepy way you understand, at least I don't think so - they are my friends after all) and this means they know where my mind is most of the time, what stage we're at and what's happening to us.  They are completely and utterly supportive so I'm obviously not scaring them too much and it means I don't have to keep filling them in each time we meet.  That then is one consequence of the blog.  Another is that it seems to be helping other people which in turn makes me feel good and them feel better.  A third, and totally unexpected, 'thing' (have run out of different words and don't like using the same one twice in a sentence) is that I have made new friends who know what I'm going through and have advice for me.  If you've been following the blog you'll have read how I met one new friend for lunch last week (Jake having told me that internet friends are no longer considered weird) and another, who I've never met, gave me such inspiration yesterday that Jake is now going to take his dad on photography walks on a regular basis.  I hadn't asked for help from him before as I felt he was too busy in his own life but should have known that he would want to be a part of all this.  Sometimes it's too easy to put your head down, get on with life and forget that other people might like to be involved.

If you have any other advice for me please get in touch.  The blog doesn't seem to let you leave comments so you'll need to use the fb group or email me.