Company of a four year old makes all the difference

I was told very early on in this 'journey' that one of the big problems with those diagnosed with dementia is that by the time they get that diagnosis their self esteem is at an all time low and that was certainly the case with Ash.  He thought he was useless, a waste of space and so gave up on doing almost everything.  The company of the gorgeous grandson over the past 24 hrs has changed all of that.  How can you think you are useless if someone, however small, thinks you are amazing?  How can you think you're a waste of space if a small person thinks you are the only one who can rid the world of wasps?  I do know, having been the mother of one (even though it was a long time ago), that the company of a four year old doesn't always lead to contentment but, if you are living a life affected by dementia as we are, the benefits are enormous.  If you don't have one of your own I recommend you borrow one as soon as possible.

On top of that piece of advice, if you are looking for ways to occupy yourself over the winter or just want ideas for how to relax then check out the facebook group where there is just such a conversation happening right now.

If you want to get in touch with any questions or just need someone to connect with who's in a similar situation to you then email.