Dementia brings yet another new experience

Today I had lunch with someone I have 'met' through this thing called dementia.  We bonded through a forum, then the blog and finally by email and decided to meet face to face.  I've never done this before but Jake assured me that internet friends are no longer considered weird so took his word on it and we set a date and found a venue.  Am now here to tell you that talking to someone who is going through a similar situation to yours is a very positive experience.  We kept finding that we worried about the same things and found the same solutions worked wonders which also meant that we know we're not alone.  One of the things I think is most difficult about this situation we find ourselves in is that no-one really talks about it they just get on with life and manage as best they can which means you have no idea that other people are facing the same difficulties you do or feel the same way as you.  Today has been so helpful that I traveled home smiling all the way (even when I discovered I'd missed a train by 3 minutes) so if you need someone to talk to or would just like to let me know you're out there please get in touch.