Enjoying some peace and quiet

Ash is out and I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of home which seems quite a rare thing to do nowadays.  Looking through the window into the garden I've been thinking about how much we've achieved with it and how none of it would have been possible without the skills neither of us knew he had when we got married.  Our cottage used to be three and the people before us had knocked it into one and taken up the fences between the gardens.  That was just about the extent of their 'Love your Garden' thinking although they had used the window frames and cupboard doors, discarded through the renovations, to create a fence which meant, they assured us, that the dog wouldn't be able to escape.  Looking at old photos now I don't know how he did it but somehow, over the years, Ash knocked down four sheds and built a raised brick patio in their place; took down, moved (away from the back door) and rebuilt a metal shed, dug and planted flower beds, put in gravel paths, created a fish pond (and subsequently filled it in again), covered one half of the garden with top soil to provide a raised section of lawn, built a brick veranda along the back of the house and (his pride and joy) worked with a friend to build a summerhouse which is so well insulated that we sleep in it at Christmas when there are too many people for our two bedroom house.  He has always loved the garden and been so proud of it that I was sad this summer to realise that he doesn't really think about it now.  I do the weeding, the pruning and the watering although he will still mow the lawn and dig the flower beds if I ask him but his joy in it is fading.  However more time at home for me means that I am appreciating it as never before and I love spending time in it so all his hard work most definitely hasn't gone to waste.