Feeling a little overwhelmed

Sometimes I admit to feeling  a little overwhelmed and this morning was one of those times.  It began with one of those circular discussions around grocery shopping which I really should have learnt to avoid by now.  I foolishly suggested that we go really early on Saturday morning as I was out all day today and the same tomorrow and it's bank holiday this weekend so our seaside town will be heaving anytime after 9.30am on Saturday.  This sent Ash into a downward spiral of confusion and led me to promise myself that in future I will arrange our week so that we can always go on Thursday evening or Friday morning.  Sorted that out and then my mum rang.

Mum:  'What time are you coming today?' 
Me: '11am just like we discussed last night'
Mum:  'I've got a doctor's appointment at 12.20'
Me:  'I know that's why I'm coming'
Mum: ' The cleaners will be here'
Me:  'I know.  We're leaving them a key so they can lock up'
Mum:  'So what time are you coming?'

I'm here to tell you that I hung up, walked into the shower room, closed the door and banged my head against the wall!!!

Ended up leaving home early, stopping on the way for a little retail therapy (new kitchen clock and new painting for my winter relaxation space (see fb page for the story on that) and a quiet cup of coffee sat on my own watching the world go by.  Soul somewhat restored I carried on, took her to the surgery then out for lunch before home and grocery shopping into this evening.

This sort of things seems to happen to me on a regular basis but I've decided I'd rather be a little overwhelmed on occasion than spend my life in any way underwhelmed!