Good times

With all the difficulties yesterday I forgot to tell you about the lovely day we had on Saturday.  This just shows the ups and downs of dementia and also the need to focus on the positive.  I started the day expecting to write all about it and then found myself telling you about an argument on the subject of light bulbs.  Which, I ask myself, would you rather hear about?  And so to the Christening on Saturday.  Really wasn't sure Ash would go as he's bailed out of the last two social events we'd been invited to.  The first one however was somewhere he wouldn't know anyone which would have been difficult for him at the best of times and the second was at the end of a long day which had seen him drive a four hour round trip to Norfolk and back so both understandable.  This then was a kind of test to see where we are on the dementia spectrum.  The Christening was a family one (through Jake but family all the same) and, although there would be many people there we didn't know, there would also be a number of people with whom he feels the most relaxed including the 4 yr old grandson who is guaranteed to bring a smile to the grumpiest of faces.  I planned the day with military precision arranging a playdate for the dog and a morning with nothing to do other than pottering in the garden.  We left home with loads of time to spare and stopped off for a cup of tea when we were nearly there.  I even wore a dress (and he noticed!!).  All of that planning paid off and the day couldn't have gone better.  Ash was happy, chatted to people and laughed at the antics of all the children.  Left at 6pm, collected the dog on the way back and got home in time for him to watch an episode of The Chase.  Perfect end to a great day.

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