Keeping occupied

I have written on here that I now take life one day at a time and that is completely true in that I most of the time I am able to change our lives according to what I think is needed when it's needed.  I say 'most of the time' because I'm not perfect.  I try but sometimes I just get it wrong.  I don't listen or watch closely enough, I say or do the wrong thing, I'm wrapped up in me and then everything falls apart and I have to start again.  Anyway I've been thinking about the past few months and how I've managed to stay sane and realised that there are a few things (other than amazing friends and family) which have helped.  After 36 years of marriage I've finally found an enthusiasm for gardening (although that's mostly snipping.  Give me a pair of secateurs and I've discovered there's no stopping me); this blog has helped me more than I would have believed possible, it occupies my brain and makes me focus on the positive; work - when I'm working I'm fairly focused and there's little room in my head for anything else; the ability to find jobs that Ash can do without difficulty so that he doesn't fail but gets to the end of each day with a sense of achievement.  These have all been so useful in manouvering us through the minefield of dementia but summer is coming to an end and I don't feel living from moment to moment will be a great help if I don't have some idea of what we're going to do when the garden doesn't need me out there every day and there are no outdoor jobs to keep Ash occupied.  Work and the blog will still be there but not the rest of it.  Last winter he decorated but did the whole house and he really will know it doesn't need doing again so over the next few weeks, when I'm not planning that holiday I will be thinking about 'project winter'.  I have a few things in my head which I think will help I just need to work out what will be best.  If you have any ideas or things you've thought of for yourself let me know either on fb or by email (this blog doesn't seem to like comments).