Lessons from a four year old

So my lessons today were:

  1. if you're going to collect stones at the beach you really don't need a trolley, a dumper truck, a spade and a digger.  What you do need is a long handled metal egg separator and a bag to put the stones in.  Note for the next visit?  take less!
  2. There is a particular way for bashing nettles which renders them useless.  If done my way they spring back up and hit you on the arm.
  3. If pulling a garden trolley containing a four year old through the local wood keep to the flat parts of the track or said trolley will tip over taking the four year old with it.
Lessons 2 & 3 were useful in more ways than one as they allowed Ash to feel particularly superior which sent his self esteem into orbit especially when the four year old (after the tipping episode) would only allow him to pull the trolley.

All in all another successful day and once again a wonderful example of how confidence can do wonders in diminishing certain aspects of this thing called dementia.  We have laughed so much throughout the last two days and, even though we're both absolutely exhausted, it has reminded me of why we have been together for 42 years.