Planning is the key to everything

Have started thinking about our next holiday and those of you who've been following this will know that after talking to a friend I've been considering Florida.  I have no idea how long it will be before dementia well and truly rears its ugly head and I do realise that up until now we've got off quite lightly so think I'll go for it while we still can.  I've learnt from the last two holidays so no hire car which means wherever we go must be within reach of the airport at least by taxi.  We also need to be within strolling distance of the beach and shops where we can buy food.  Sight seeing isn't a problem as Ash has always refused to do that so as long as we can experience another way of life and spend time lying in the sunshine it will be enough.  So I know how to get around all of the issues surrounding Ash but then there's my mum.  She's 89 and lives on her own.  She's fit for her age and doesn't need carers but that means if I'm in Florida for 2 weeks she'll have no-one other than Jake to call on if she's worried about anything and she won't want to bother him.  Last time we were in Florida I had an email from our local police force saying she'd phoned them to say her jewellery had been stolen.  We'd been through all of that a couple of times before and I knew exactly where it was so got Jake to go over and show it to her but it's an example of how she gets things into her head if I'm not around.  Anyway I'm still at the planning stage and nothing is impossible, I just need to work out how to make everything stress free in every area of my life.  Luckily I like a challenge so watch this space!

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